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We are team of freelancers, Uzochukwu Godwin & Ijeoma Francisca.

Uzochukwu Godwin: It all started in 2013 when I joined the popular forum in Africa – Nairaland. At first it was about going to read news and comments just for the fun of it. Around 2014 when I entered 300 level, it began to dawn on me that I need to start searching for what will sustain me after graduation.

I decided to leave the conventional Nairaland front-page and started exploring the business section. There I read a lot about digital marketing and making money online selling digital skills. I had to recall that I did attend computer school in 2010 to learn how to use Corel Draw, Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop and Microsoft Office Suites – Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word.  

On digging deeper, I picked interest on Fiverr – one of the top freelance marketplace. I signed up on this platform in December, 2015.  That was how I started with rendering digital skills of article writing, and graphic design.

While at this, I discovered that the skills that I have are well fitted for digital marketing. I had to take a course on digital marketing to fine-tune my knowledge in this field and I must say that I have performed excellently well in this area. My reviews on Fiverr platform are top.

As technology evolves, we evolve with technology! I enrolled into computer school to learn web design and development at CVIT Ikeja. With this, I incorporated web design to the services that I render.

The fun side of me is that I like computer games a lot, like visiting friends and hanging out in the beaches. I also enjoy listening to great music of different genres when I’m working.

I hope I have not revealed too much about myself!

Ijeoma Francisca: I joined Fiverr in December 2017 after my brother introduced me to it. I have always pursued digital skills but never for the purpose of rendering it as a service online rather to aid my employability.

After observing my brother’s progress, I had no option but to give Fiverr a try and I must say that I haven’t performed any badly. I am a level 1 seller aspiring to attain level 2 like my brother.

Together we are rendering different digital marketing services. My hubby is making bead for people. I make different types of African beads. Outside our digital marketing services, you can send us message to request for a bead for your wedding, naming ceremony, church and other outings.

I enjoy swimming and discussing about politics and other national and international issues. I am a Science Laboratory Technician by profession.

You can use our services directly on this platform or contact us through our Fiverr profiles here: Degree2466 & Pro_Assistant1.

We appreciate your time for reading through this page. We do not just offer digital marketing services, we also teach people that are interested on gaining digital knowledge and skills for the purpose of growing their business. We will be writing useful articles to give information on making money online using different platforms: affiliate marketing, blogging, drop shipping, and freelancing.

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We are dedicated to taking your business to the next level.
Uzochukwu Godwin

Uzochukwu Godwin

Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Digital Marketer

Ijeoma Francisca

Bead Maker | Virtual Assistant | Digital Marketer | Graphic Designer

Great worker and very knowledgable
Best Job Ever