Affiliate Sites

Affiliate marketing is a situation whereby you are paid a commission for promoting a product other than yours, whenever you make a sale. It simply involves looking for a product that you like from affiliate marketing networks like Clickbank, JVZoo, Amazon, etc, or directly from the vendors, promoting it and making some profit in form of commission from the sales made.


It is time to consider the chain of affiliate marketing system.

The Vendor:

This is the original owner of the product, service, or brand, in some cases, referred to as, the merchant,  or creator. This is the part of the affiliate marketing cycle that creates the product. It could be a popular company like Thermocool that produces different electronics like freezer, generator, television etc. or an individual like xyz that sells xyz.

From established firms to startups that are looking to breakthrough in their business through associated marketing, anyone is capable of being the vendor behind the affiliate marketing program. All they need to start the process is to have a product that can be marketed digitally, in fact, almost every product can!

The Affiliate:

The affiliate or publisher as they are sometimes called, could be an individual looking to make some money online or a company well established for the sole purpose of promoting other company’s products. The earnings from affiliate marketing could range from few hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars depending on efforts and strategies put in place. The publishers are the actual people that make the affiliate system work, by getting the product in front of the buyers. An affiliate markets one or more products simultaneously using different technique that works best for the sale of a given product.

The Buyer: 

The buyers also referred to as the consumers makes the cycle possible. It is the sales made that generate the commissions to be shared by both the affiliate, the vendor and/or the networks. No sales, no revenue to be distributed. There are couple of channels that the affiliate marketer can use to get the product to the consumers. It could be through social media marketing, email marketing campaign, blogging or through physical promotion.

The Network:

This is a partial but not compulsory part of the affiliate system. Some don’t see this as playing a major role in affiliate marketing scheme because, some products can be promoted directly from the company or owners website. Due to lack of trust and need to be able to tract the sales made and ensure prompt payment as at when due, affiliate network is now one of the strongest party in affiliate marketing phase. The networks act as the middle men between the vendor and the affiliate. Some products are not available to be promoted directly from the merchant’s website, except the affiliate goes through the networks and generate their own affiliate product link to be able to promote the offers. The affiliate network can be seen as a database where lots of different products are sampled to let the affiliate marketer choose from the lists, of what to promote