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FREE: How to activate Windows 10 and MS Office 2016 Permanently

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Why use Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft Window products. Windows 10 has some unique features that other Microsoft Windows don’t have.

Such features include:

  • Pre-installed Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Giving central notifications
  • The start menu which is not in Windows 8 is back,
  • Cortana is now on Desktop
  • Availability of Xbox App
  • Multitasking made easy
  • Availability of Universal Apps
  • Touch Support from all the Microsoft Office Suite

What are the complaints against Windows 10?

One of the major complaints about Windows 10 is the auto update. For internet users that are conscious of their data consumption, upgrading to Windows 10 may be a costly mistake to make. However, you can work this around by disabling auto update in the system configuration settings ->Services.

Also, with the Cortana, the security of your information man not be guaranteed.

Aside these, Windows 10 is best Windows to use right now with its improved features. Gamers and keyboardist are most favored with this latest window version.

Activation of Windows 10

One of the major challenges with using Windows 10 is the product activation key. After installing Windows 10 on your computer, you will be faced with the issue that your Windows has expired. You will need to activate it to continue enjoying the full features of the Operating System.

Until you activate Windows 10, you will not be able to use some features like Window Defender update. Many of the “activate Window 10 keys” on Google are not functioning at all.

To activate Windows 10 permanently without using any product activation key, download this zip file KMSAuto-Net-Portable. Install it on your computer and run the application. The other instructions on how the application works can be found in the zip file.

The application does not only activate Windows 10, it also activates Microsoft Office Suite 2016. So, if you have been having problem activating your Microsoft Office 2016 after it has expired, be assured that the zip file above will help you activate the Office and get your application back to life.


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