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How to Get Job On Fiverr As A Newbie In Three Days

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It is not easy to get job on FIverr now as a new seller like it used to be in the past.

Fiverr is the top freelance platform in the world with over three million services in almost all business categories. It was founded on February 1, 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger with its headquarter at Tel Aviv, Israel.

In terms of traffic, is rated among the top 100 most visited websites in the United States and the top 200 in the world from the year 2013. This means that the traffic is already there, the popularity is there for you, all you need is to position yourself very well to start selling and making money on the platform.

Just like every other business, the Fiverr business has evolved into different phases with lots of policy changes and system upgrades. In the past, some people can easily put some pages of PDF document as eBook on how to make money on Fiverr and start selling. Good thing is, buying those eBooks then may be relevant and helpful to kick start your career on Fiverr but with time, they become obsolete and almost useless. If you are reading any material on how to make money on Fiverr that is dated before 2017, just stop right there, because you are reading what I will say, an outdated system that will never work the way it worked back then.

Here are the updated tips on how to land your first client on Fiverr following all the Terms of Service of the platform.

  1. Using your real Identity.

In the past, you must have heard that making it on Fiverr from some certain countries in the world especially third world countries is almost impossible. Well, I must tell you that the trend has changed. Fiverr has upgraded their platform in such a way that it is getting almost impossible to use a country that is not yours to work with them. This they successfully did by introducing the phone verification system. Although some people may try to bypass this, but it sure doesn’t make any sense to disguise your identity as it will rub off on you in the long run. To get job on FIverr, you don’t have to fake anything, be real and jobs that are meant for you will come your way.


  1. Making use of the buyer’s request.

The first source of traffic from Fiverr to your gig is through buyer’s request. Unfortunately, Fiverr designed their platform not to favour newbies in this area. This they did by ensuring that offers posted to buyer’s request is only visible to new sellers within a short period of time, say for 5 minutes before it is removed. What this implies is that, unlike level 1, 2 and top-rated sellers, if you are not able to refresh the buyer’s request page within the time it was published, you will not see an offer to send.

To overcome this, you will need to keep refreshing the buyer’s request page as often as possible. If possible, make it your social media platform! Keep rooming around there, believe you me, you must see an offer to send before the end of the day. The hint I will give you based on my experience on Fiverr is to refresh the buyer’s request from 8:30 AM West African Time or 2:30AM Eastern Time Zone from Sunday to Thursday, and 3:30PM West Africa Time or 9:30PM Eastern Time Zone on Fridays and Saturdays. Please note that this is the case for now, it could change in future and there might be a little delay sometimes, like starting by 9:00AM instead of 8:30AM and 4:00PM instead of 3:30PM. But all you need to do is to keep time with Fiverr on the buyer’s request from this time upwards. At least 2-3 hours within this time frame. Please do not tell a client in the buyers request that you are on Fiverr as a newbie else you will find it difficult to get job on Fiverr showcasing yourself as “inexperienced” person.

The issue of buyer’s request will be discussed in details later on this website.

  1. Use a professional profile image.

Please this is different from asking you to use another person’s picture. Be proud of yourself and how you look. All you need to do is to wear a nice work attire like say suit and tie or nice long sleeve shirt and take a picture in an office environment or in a place that depicts decorum and looks responsible. Why I will discourage you from using a false profile picture is that it will deny you some important jobs that pay well when  the client demands to have a video call with you using video calling applications. Fiverr has gone beyond that level that people are looking to buy from female profile accounts, all they are looking for now is someone that will deliver quality work and on time too.


  1. Keep your portfolios ready.

Do you want to know one of the fastest way to get job on Fiverr as a new seller? it is impressive samples. The first impression you create to a potential buyer on Fiverr is to show samples of your previous work. Note that I am teaching you how to make your first sale as a new seller on Fiverr, as such you may not have a sample to show since you are new to this business.

This is my advice to you, go to the internet and get samples of the services you are offering, personalize it to your own to avoid plagiarism charge, and put them up on your gig portfolio and also send them along with your offer in buyer’s request. For example, if you are a logo designer, you can design any logo of your choice and use, for a social media marketer, create a Facebook page with any name and use. You will notice that the first thing clients will request for once they contact you either directly from your gig or through buyers request offer that you sent is your work sample(s).

You can organize your portfolio and upload it to a cloud storage like google docs, mediafire, pinterests, etc, depending on the service that you offer. This will also make it easier to send to buyers either through the buyer’s request or through the inbox by just sending the link to your portfolio.

  1. Bid at a very low price.

As a newbie, your interest should be on how to make your first few sales to kickstart your career and not how to make $1000 in the first one month that you started. Bid at a very low price and deliver high quality work. Put your gig price at a value lower than what established accounts have theirs. Some buyers are looking for cheap services, and this is the time to get job on Fiverr using the low-price-high-quality service approach. You can increase the price when you must have successfully completed your first few Orders and have had a little experience on how the platform works generally. This is the case in real life physical businesses too. Some businesses even run in their early stage at a loss, just to penetrate the market and gain a market share. You can read this idea to know the factors to consider before pricing yourself.


  1. Create a gig video.

See your Fiverr gig as a Facebook advert. Video ads engage and convert more than image ads. People are curious to know what the video is all about. Good thing is, you don’t have to pay anyone to create a video. You can easily use applications like videoscribe, video maker fx, or use websites like, If you are so confident, you can video yourself describing your gig in less than 60 seconds. Please ensure you include the phrase “Exclusively on” at the end of your video for it to be accepted by Fiverr.


  1. Use the right tags and gig description.

This you can do by searching for the gig(service) you intend to offer and mirroring (not copying) the gig titles and descriptions of the gigs on the front page. Just take a clue on what the offer at what price and duration, this will help you not to underprice or overprice your services. As a newbie who may no understand the terms used by the gigs you are copying, only put up the sections you understand first, you can always edit your gig later.


  1. Market your gigs on social media platforms.

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to promote your gig. Note that it appears spammy to be posting your gigs on Facebook groups or places where it is not needed. You can post to relevant groups, post it as a comment on forums like, and run a paid advert too if you are ready to invest. But please, DO NOT run a Google Adword with your Fiverr gig as this is against Fiverr’s terms of service and could lead to your account being terminated. Mind you that Fiverr does not consider whether you are a new seller when penalizing you for an offence. So ignorance of the law (Fiverr Terms of Service) even as a newbie is not an excuse. To get job on Fiverr especially as a newbie, you need to go extra mile to sell and market yourself.


  1. Be confident and polite and you will get job on Fiverr in three days.

This may sound like it is not it, but trust me, Fiverr is like any other business. Try as much as you can to be confident when responding to the messages of a client. You don’t have to let the client know that you are a new seller. Tell them about you, your experience, your worth, what you can deliver and what you cannot. Don’t appear too desperate.


Also, try to be polite in your relationship with the buyers. Do not act reckless because you think that the money is too small, the review that the client will give you can make or mar your account. This doesn’t mean you should let the client take advantage of you, NO! but know that the buyer is always right and will have the upper hand if there exists any problem. Why this is necessary is that your first experience could affect the way you perceive Fiverr and could motivate or demoralize you.



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