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10 things needed to start making money online as a freelance worker

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Freelancing is the easiest and most affordable way of becoming an entrepreneur. You don’t have to have hundreds in capital to start a career as a freelance worker; all you need to have is some basic materials and attitudes that will make you remain connected and socialize with the outside world. Here are some essential “must have” for starting a journey into the world of online income earners.


  1. A smartphone: The first thing you need to have when considering starting an online business is a smartphone. Smartphone is very important because it enables you to receive notifications whenever a message is sent to you through different sources of your online business. The smartphone does not have to be a high-end phone, NO! All you need is a phone that can allow you have android applications. Smartphones cannot replace laptops neither can laptops replace smartphones, they both have their different functions, as smartphone is more portable  and mobile and allows you to respond to messages faster anywhere you are.


  1. A laptop: No matter how convinced someone may sound to you, don’t ever believe that it is possible to succeed in any online business without possessing a laptop. The best recommended features of laptop for working as a freelancer is a 4GB Ram laptop with at least 500GB internal storage. You can get a laptop with these features at a lower rate and upgrade when you have advanced in the business. You need a laptop/desktop computer to be able to work on most websites and projects, so, ensure you get one to ease your career as a freelancer.


  1. Good internet connection: You are required to have a smartphone and a good computer. Those are not enough without an internet connection. When you plan to start making money online as a freelancer, you need to have a strong internet connection. This you can achieve through different means, using a modem, connecting your phone hotspot to your computer or using a public WIFI.


  1. A little office space: This does not necessarily mean that you will have to rent an office space separately. You can set up a table and a seat in your house where you will keep your laptop and other materials you use to work on net. Try as much as possible not to be distracted by people at home when working, else, you will not achieve much in your quest to make money online. Always isolate yourself during business hours and concentrate on your freelance business.


  1. Social presence: When you start a career as a freelance online income worker, you will realize the importance of having a social media presence. Open a professional account with these top social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumbr and a whole lot of others. You will need them to promote your services and let people know what you do. You can hire the service of a social media managing/marketing expert here to create professional accounts for you and boost your social media presence.


  1. A mentor: In everything you do, endeavor to have a good mentor who has passed through the same system you want to venture into, for proper guidance and coaching. You can have a physical mentor or an online mentor. All you need to do is to follow the person on social media platforms to see what he/she is doing that made him succeed. You can subscribe to their newsletters to receive updates and tips.


  1. A payment method: You are sure working to make money through whatever services you are rendering online. The first thing that comes to your mind as a business person is making money (profit) and not working for charity. So it is expected that you should be bothered on how to catch out this money when you eventually earn it. There are different channels of receiving your payment depending on which platform you are working with and your country of residence. The most popular ways to receive money is through PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Direct Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, through Cheque, etc.


  1. Your skills: Of course, before you think of earning money online as a freelancer, it is expected that you must have possessed a sellable skill that will fetch you the income. Do not be deceived by anyone that you can make money online without having a skill. It depends on what you see as a skill, because, any successful legal action you take that fetches you money is your skillset. It could be singing, designing, writing, drawing, influencing others to take actions, etc.


  1. The zeal: There is a saying that there is no way where there is no will. To succeed as a freelance worker and make money on the internet, you must have the zeal and willingness to succeed. You must take online business as serious as you take physical business, else, it will not yield the desired results. Try even when you seem not to be getting it right, mellow down and learn from those who have succeeded in the particular line of online business you want to venture into.


  1. Trust: As the name implies, it is an online business! Meaning that you work for people you don’t see and receive money for the work still being anonymous. So, you have to develop the trust in the business and the willingness to accept loss when it occurs as that is a part of every business. Make research when dealing with a new client, play safe but don’t distrust. Work as though you are being supervised, establish a trust, and build your reputation and integrity. All these are very crucial to succeeding in the online market. Once you’re established and trusted by many clients, you can begin to reap the benefit of working as a freelance entrepreneur and will work less seeking for work as majority of your work will come through referral from satisfied clients. Brand yourself and make people see you as a corporate entity that has a name to protect. This will increase the trust your clients’ will have for you.


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