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5 steps to starting successful drop shipping business

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Drop shipping is a business method that involves you, the partner transferring the orders and shipment details from customers to the owner, wholesaler or retailer of the product. It means that the drop shipper doesn’t have to keep any products in the warehouse or stock. It is then the work of their work to get the product to the final consumer.

The advantage of this type of business is that it saves the cost of operation and avail the drop shipper the time to concentrate on getting customers and not bother on the other logistics that are involved in serving the goods to the customers destination.

Here are 5 steps to take when starting a successful drop shipping business

  1. Choose your niche market based on interest:

This is the most difficult part of every business. Coming up with an idea and conclusion of what to sell requires serious consideration of how much interests you have for the niche. Ensure it is something that would sell and you are very passionate about, else, you may lose focus and become discouraged along the way.


In selecting a product to sell, consider the following:

  • The Profit Margin: More is preferred to less. Seek for products that will yield a higher profit when sold. The time and effort it takes to get a low paying customer may be the same with that of a high paying customer.
  • Cost of Shipping: Look out for products that have low shipping cost. Although you are not the one bearing the shipping cost, the shipping cost in addition to the cost of the product can discourage your customers from purchasing the product. So, in drop shipping, what affects the customers indirectly affect your sales volume.
  • Sell Unique Products. In starting a drop shipping business, it is profitable to sell products that cannot be easily sourced locally. By this, it will be easier for people to Order for it from online stores.


  1. Go for competitive products

Competition is healthy for business and shows a progressive market. When there is less competition for a particular product, it is an indication that people are not buying much of that product or some other factors. Remember, entrepreneurs are naturally attracted to where the profit is.


  1. Find a perfect supplier

Having the right supplier as your business partner will save you some costly mistakes and regrets that people without due research in this area have after a gloomy experience with the wrong suppliers.

Interact with the suppliers using various communication channels to determine their response rate, production capacity, and ability to know what you want. Not until you are certain that your interest tally with what the supplier offers, do not go proceed.

Top marketplaces where people source for drop shipping products are Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHGate, Amazon, etc.

You can use the Saleshoo website to find a perfect supplier for whatever product you intend to sale.


  1. Get an e-commerce website for your products.

Shopify has been number one platform for creating an e-commerce website easily. There is no need to be a code expect to work on this platform.

You can easily use freelance websites like Fiverr.com to get a cheap e-commerce website built for you in case you are too busy to create one for yourself.


  1. Draft a masterplan for generating traffic and sales

Creating an amazing website, adding profitable products and having the best suppliers amount to nothing if no one sees your store and the products in it.

The best way to start creating awareness about your product is through Facebook ad campaign, Google ads, Classified ads, and SEO.

You should also consider having a landing page on your website to collect emails of visitors whether they purchased or not, so that you can always communicate to them about new products and offers you have.