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How To Design eBook Cover In 3D-Format Free

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I was searching all over the web to find how to design free book cover without using Photoshop or any graphic design software. I found some interesting ones that you can use to create a plain book cover, others that can convert the designed cover into a 3D format, all at no cost!

I have compiled the list of some websites that can enable you design free book cover  and others render it in a 3D format for free, all you need to do is to upload a flat cover designed in other platforms and they will render it to a 3D format.

Here is the list of sites that you can use to create free book cover with their pros and cons.

1. Canva.

Canva is a popular graphic design software that you can use to design basically everything and anything, be it book cover, social media posts, CD cover, et cetera. Canva has lots of templates to design free book cover. Unfortunately, you cannot convert the book cover into a 3D format on Canva.


Canva is free to use unless you decide to go for premium templates. You can download in various file formats, JPEG, PNG, PDF


Canva cannot render the book cover to a 3D format.

2. Adazing

When I first found Adazing, I was excited and relieved, thinking that it is free not until it got to the point of exporting my design. I will say that Adazing is very amazing in designing free book cover but to get the 3D format, you have to pay $12.75.


You can use Adazing for free to design your book cover. They have tons of templates that will fit your book niche and awesome 3D formats.


You can only use ‘save image as’ to get your image in a flat format. Simply right-click on your computer and click on “Save image as” to have it downloaded to your computer. You will have to part with a minimum of $12.75 to download the eBook in 3D or any other format.

3. Boxshot

Boxshot doesn’t provide a platform for the design of the book cover but rather renders it into a 3D format. The format that you will download your book cover is always on a white background. To download it in a transparent background, you will have to pay $19.99.


It does render your book cover to 3D format for free and allows you to download it.


I don’t really like the output of the 3D, it can cut off your book cover design and you cannot download your book cover in a transparent background for free. Besides, it has limited 3D style which isn’t that cool after all. This website takes like infinity to render the book cover to a 3D format.

4. Diybookcovers

This is the best book cover creator that I found out there. Although, just like Boxshot, it doesn’t allow you to create the book cover but rather to upload and convert to 3D format. I like this one because it has different variants of 3D format that you can choose from.


Highly flexible, various free 3D formats to choose from and absolutely free to use. Also, it takes just a few seconds to get your design ready, unlike boxshot.


You cannot design the book cover here. Simply upload the already designed cover and download the 3D format.

 5. Myecovermaker

This site is similar to Adazing. You can design free book cover here, but you need to pay $4.95 to download it.


It is free to design the book cover


To download the designed book cover in 3D, you must pay $4.95.



What this implies is that you can use Canva, Adazing and Myecovermaker to design the book covers for free and use Boxshot and Diybookcovers to render it to a 3D format and voila you have a 3D book cover designed for completely free. This article should be helpful to freelancers and authors. You might also like to read my dropshipping article