Salehoo Review and What Every Drop Shipper Should Know.

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A visit to Salehoo website will tell in a glance what it is all about. Salehoo is a popular supplier directory where verified wholesale suppliers are listed.

Many sellers on Amazon and eBay are using the platform to source for products to sell. Why many sellers prefer this platform is because it contains lists of suppliers that sell at a competitive price which give the seller the profit margin they want.

If you want to make money online doing drop shipment, then read further to understand how Salehoo can save you from lots of risks and mistakes and also why it is mainly preferred by wholesale sellers.

A short data report about Salehoo

Saleshoo is a platform established in 2005 by Mark Ling and Simon Slade. With over 8000 verified suppliers, 137,000 members and 350,000+ unique monthly visitors.

It cost $67 to have full access to their supplier directory which also entitles you to

  • Gain access to their market research labs
  • Join their membership forum
  • Enjoy personal email support benefit
  • A 60-day guaranteed money refund policy.

Salehoo major solution for suppliers

I know you would be wondering why you should pay a subscription fee to access suppliers when you can easily use search engines to research for suppliers of your choice. Well, here is the deal! Salehoo protects you from the hand of so many scam suppliers and wholesalers on the internet.

You will have the opportunity to be connected with only fully verified wholesale suppliers that are very legitimate to transact with. So basically, you are being saved from being a scam victim when you source your suppliers from Salehoo.

Getting Started

The first step to getting started is to sign up to Salehoo here. Once signed up, proceed to the top menu where the wholesale directory is and you will see the various categories.

Click on the category you want to navigate and you will be shown the subcategories. For example, when you click on “Accessories”, the accessories subcategories will open.

You may either choose to use the subcategories to find the supplier in that niche or utilize the search box located at the top right corner of the website.

When you see the supplier that matches your requirement, you can easily contact him using the “contact supplier” option in the information page. You may also want to use the instant contact supplier template designed by Salehoo to make it easier for you to reach your desired supplier.

The demographic report shows that 60% of the people on their platform are from United States while the rest are made up of people from Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Now you have seen the benefits or the purpose that Salehoo serve to numerous suppliers that make them wreck in thousands of dollars in profit annually. You can as well choose to be part of the testimony by registering with them.


This review is to let you know a little about Salehoo and the purpose it serves. If you want further information and clarification, you can chat with their live support on their website.