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I have been confronted severally with the question of how to increase traffic to Fiverr gigs outside Fiverr platform. On Fiverr forums and other such forums like Quora, people keep asking this question of how to promote their gigs since the competition on Fiverr do not allow new sellers the privilege to drive enough traffic to their gigs.

Here, we are breaking it down for you on how to drive FREE traffic to Fiverr gigs outside the Fiverr platform.

1. Use likesplanet as your number one source of free traffic to your Fiverr gigs.

Likesplanet is a site with large number of users that are very interactive. The only way you get the publicity that you need to your gig is by letting other people share your gig link on their social media profiles.

Simply sign up to likesplanet here, and fill in the information as shown in the screenshot below.

Traffic to Fiverr gigs


You accumulate points to your likesplanet account by liking peoples posts on Facebook or tweeting their post using your Twitter account. To acquire higher points, you can choose to watch YouTube videos, as videos offer higher points than post shares.

Simply click on like and it will take you to another page, like the page and go back to the previous page and continue liking. The more you like, the more you acquire points. There are other rewards in points which you can read up in the site. Rewards like daily visit points, a certain number of points per day attracts bonus points.

After gathering these points, you can then include your Fiverr gigs URLs and set the number of points other users will get when they share your gig links to their profile. It is important to know that the number you set for members to accumulate will determine whether they will be interested in promoting your gig on their social media accounts. Remember that the more they share your link to their social profiles, the more points they also accumulate.


Login to your account and click on “Earn Points/Money”. You can then choose which platform you want to use, as you can see it listed in the image below, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google Video, LinkedIn, etc. Fill in the information as you deem appropriate and start earning points.

Traffic to Fiverr gigs



2. Another site to drive FREE traffic to your Fiverr gig is addmefast.

This platform is similar to that of likespanet, it simply involves getting points to be used for promotion of your gig links. Simply sign up to them HERE and keep sharing posts to your social media accounts.

Once you have accumulated enough points, set up your own campaign and let others promote your gigs to their account. Note that you can choose to cash out the money you made from these platforms if you feel the need.


If you want to know how to get job as a new seller (no level seller) within few days of signing up on Fiverr, then you might consider reading the article in the link of this paragraph and adapting yourself  and time to it.

3. Another most common way to get FREE traffic to your account is by using YAHOO ANSWERS.

I know yahoo may not sound strange to you, but using yahoo answers to drive traffic to your gig does, maybe. Guess what? You don’t need to pay a dime to publicize your gig using this method. Simply sign up to yahoo by clicking HERE and start answering questions. The easiest way to get people to listen to you is to proffer solution to their problems.

First, you have to have a deep knowledge of the gig you offer and the solution to the likely questions people will ask. By showing your mastery of the subject matter, you will convince users to check out your gig.

Anytime you answer a question, add a source to it using the secondary box and, in this case, your gig link as the source. You can go through the yahoo pages to know the way other selected top responses did answer their own questions.

It is very pertinent that you give a detailed explanation to the questions to avoid appearing spammy with your gigs. Do not flood your gig link within the answers, else the purpose will be defeated as you would come off as a marketer rather than someone who is willing to help. As a matter of fact, there are moments when adding your gig link to your answers is not acceptable as doing so will lead to getting voted down or not getting votes at all and worst still, having your answer removed.

It is therefore recommended that you keep the link to your gig only on the “Source” box. Anyone who is intrigued with your answers will surely go further in clicking on your gig link. This is to say, answer questions that relate to your gig niche/category.

4. Facebook Groups.

Many sellers on Fiverr are already doing this or have tried this some time in their journey but without results. This is because they are sharing their gigs to just Facebook groups. NO! You are to share it to TARGETED FACEBOOK GROUPS.

Posting to any group you see is spamming the group and, in most cases, your post gets removed by the admin of the group, it could lead you to being banned from the group and lastly, Facebook could ban you from posting and commenting in groups, or worst still bring up a security check that you may not escape. If you are posting to drive traffic to Fiverr gigs using Facebook groups, then you should read know the type of group and the rules of posting.

Consider a scenario where a web designer is advertising his gigs on groups where they discuss about relationships. You will not get any positive traffic from there. Note that no matter the service you are rendering, there are Facebook groups that discuss something related to that.

Simply search Facebook for the keywords in your gig category and join groups that can be relevant to your gig links.

5. Posting to relevant forums.

Spamming is what every internet user frowns at, but there are some forums where you can put a link as a signature in your profile once you meet the eligibility status to do so. Such forums include: The Warrior Forum, BlackHatWorld, DigitalPoints and the RetailMeNot forums.In this way, you can drive draffic to Fiverr gigs when people read your posts and the signature beneath it.

Outside the few forums listed above, there are other local forums that you can join and share your gig. Quora can help too but it is becoming spammy these days with people abusing it. The essence of this post is to get relevant traffic to fiverr gigs that will convert to jobs not just anyhow traffic.