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Social media has evolved over the years from something that connect family and friends together to a larger platform for business transactions. One of the services you can render online to make money is working as a social media manager. There are different ways of carrying out this task, as there are lots of social media platforms today with different marketing systems and strategies.

But generally, there are universal skills and knowledge you need to possess to be able to work as a social media marketing experts in many if not all of these platforms.

  1. Content writing: As a social media manager, the first point of duty is to know how to curate and create engaging contents. Every industry has its own content value and all contents that are posted to their social media channels should reflect the value the company or business represent. There are different ways of getting your contents to the public. It could be in form of video contents, images, texts, question and answers, quotes, or your business products. In posting contents, it is always advisable to post something outside the products or services of your company to avoid boring the followers with too many promotional posts. Look for fun and trending topics and post once in a while to make your page lively, interactive and at the same time educative and promotional of your products.


  1. Ad Campaign Creation: The fasted way to grow your business is by investing in paid advertisements. Almost all social media platforms, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and now WhatsAPP, etc., have an advertising slot where you can pay a little money to get website visits, lead generation, event promotion, product/service purchases, etc. To earn money online as a social media marketer, you must know how to create a well-targeted ads for these top social media platforms.


  1. Landing Page: Landing page consists of different pages: squeeze page, sales page, webinar page, coming soon page, launch page, thank you page, and many others. Landing page is the page where you can sell your product to your website visitors or people that responded to your campaign or collect their email addresses for future use. The need for landing page cannot be overemphasized as this is what enables you to keep in touch with customers even after they have purchased your product and resell to them and even those that didn’t buy, you can always remarket to them using a different marketing approach since you already have their contact information. There is a saying that, “there is money in the lists”. So as a social media manager, you may have to create this for your client when creating a social media campaign. You can use lead pages or instabuilder WordPress plugins to create different types of landing pages even without having the knowledge of coding using Html and CSS. Need help creating a landing page or want to know how to create one? Click here:



  1. Web Knowledge: You don’t necessary need to be an expert in website design but you need to know a little about the web especially the use of Content Management Systems. In some cases, after creating a social media account for a client, you may be required to link the accounts to the client’s website so that people can easily like the page through the website. Some may argue that you can always outsource some of these jobs, but outsourcing decreases your total income and exposes the client to a competitor, because the person your client may contact to do this might as well be a social media marketer who has web knowledge. The truth is, people always go for someone that will give them the complete package of what they need instead of working with different people at the same time.


  1. Graphic Design: A social media marketer should not only have a basic knowledge of web design but also a good knowledge of graphic design. Tasks in social media that requires graphic design experience include: logo design, digital flyers, page covers, infographics, ad images and many more. Having a basic knowledge of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and other graphic design applications is very vital to succeed as a social media manager.


  1. Post scheduling applications: As a social media manager, you have to move with the trend. Gone were the days when you have to keep checking the time to know when to post contents at a specified time period. There are several software that will enable you schedule all your posts to be posted at a particular day and time. Such platforms like HootSuite, Buffer, etc. have been designed to assist with this. It is therefore pertinent that you grab the knowledge on how to use these post scheduling applications to work as an expert media marketer.


  1. Autoresponder: This works together with the landing pages. After creating the landing pages to collect email from your customers, you will need to be sending regular message to them at interval. Imagine if you have to send 20,000 emails a day to different people manually, how convenient would that be to you? Definitely, there are several systems designed to schedule these email newsletters and send it out to your thousands of email subscribers at a time and day you specified for it without you doing anything. So, to make money online as a social media manager, you need to know how to schedule the prewritten letters after collecting it from your marketing campaign. Some of the autoresponder service providers are:,, and a whole lot of others.