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Social Media Objective:

Social media was initially created to increase globalization by ensuring that people all over the world interact with each other. It was also designed to keep family and friends connected with one another.

In recent times, social media has been deployed as a means by which businesses reach their customers worldwide.

Different social media platforms have their marketing as well as communication channel. Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter made communication easier and personal.

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The Abuse

Unfortunately, people are abusing this privilege. One of the ways people are abusing this communication platforms is through sexual harassment. Many girls can agree to having received sexually obscene contents from unsuspecting friends that randomly added them on social media.

Recently, a friend of mine that got a new phone came to visit me. As customary, I collected the phone to go through her gallery only to see an X-rated video.

You will not believe that the girl was as shock as I was when I opened the video. She explained to me that a random guy sent her that video on WhatsApp which she has deleted from her WhatsApp media not knowing that the video is stored on her phone gallery. The best to prevent this from further happening is by blocking the sender which she did but unfortunately the deed has been done.

If not that I saw the video on her WhatsApp video gallery, I would have doubted her. Now imagine if it were the father, mother or husband that saw this lewd video on her phone. Definitely this could cause more damage to her than the sender intended.

On Facebook, a girl will accept a guy’s friend request and the next thing you will see, he either starts sending her explicit pictures and videos or making funny remarks.

The Remedy

The question now is, are there laws to punish social media sexual harassment in the society? What is the punishment for sending unsolicited indecent messages and media to someone?

I think something needs to be done about this before it causes damage to this generation. The worst part is that this could be from people of different countries.

Although some features are enabled by these social media platforms like Facebook to report offensive contents like this, but then, it could be time consuming reporting every of such case.

What is the way forward? To let the youths know that sending crude contents is inappropriate and could cause devastating damage to the receiver.

This is not peculiar to girls only, boys as well suffer this from girls and gay men. Unfortunately, there is no way the social media platforms can filter this type of contents automatically,

Join hands today and say no social media sexual harassment. Seek someone’s consent before sending any type of content to them. It may appeal to you but not to the other person. The same way it is called sexual abuse to mate with someone without their approval, that is how this is also an abuse and should be frowned at.