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Top 5 websites that pay article writers very well.

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Article writers are being paid well now for taking their time to produce quality contents. If you have what it takes to write unique and quality contents, then you should try your luck with the following websites.


This is a site that allows humour articles. For those that are very creative in writing funny contents, is the best place to earn some dollars.

They pay between $100 to $200 for any of your articles that is published on their platform. Cracked prefer articles with word count of 3000.

Good thing is, you mustn’t really be an expert writer to write for this website. All you need is to write something unique and impressive. Acceptable content formats are videos, Photoshops and Infographics.

Simply sign up on their website, navigate to “writer’s workshop” and start writing your article on the message board.


  1. Michelle Pippin

Michele Pippin is a business-oriented website that accepts high quality business contents targeted at offering assistance to small businesses in increasing their business scope and profit.

If you have entrepreneurial ideas or skills for business and marketing categories, then this site is the best bet for you.

Although, the major focus of this site is on entrepreneurial women, it given general insight on contents that maximizes profits, business marketing and other business resources.

Michelle Pippin pays their article writers between $50 to $100 depending on the level of the writer. They have an article preference of 800 words count.


  1. Sitepoint.

Writers on Sitepoint are mainly web experts that have passion for website design and development. Their main focus is on technical, educative, and well-detailed articles.

This website although is based in Melbourne, Australia, but accepts article from article writers worldwide. Their pay is really good if you can deliver high quality contents.

Consider Sitepoint if you can write quality content on the following subjects: CSS, JavaScript, PHP, UX, HTML, Ruby and Mobile Development.


  1. Watch Culture

This is an entertainment, opinion and news website. It covers and presents information to their global readers about the happenings in the world.

Watch Culture is a popular online magazine located at Newcastle in the United Kingdom. Several freelance article writers are making good money writing and publishing articles on Sports, Film, Television, Music and Gaming.

BBC Radio, Sky News, and Metro Radio are some of the popular news outlet that derive their articles from Watch Culture.

Unlike other article writing platforms that pay per article, Watch Culture pays article writers based on number of views gained by the published article. What this means is that, you get rewarded when your article fits in with what the readers want.

You can email them here to get started or Skype with them with this address “whatculture”.


  1. Strong Whispers

A visit to Strong Whispers website shows that they have temporarily suspended their writing program pending when they have completed the redesign and migration of their website.

Nevertheless, Strong Whispers provides for her large audience, articles that relate with social issues, lifestyle and the ecosystem. In fact, they have a wide range of topics, so, there is no limitation to what you can submit.

The articles could be about leadership revolution, eco-friendly behaviours, education reform system, resources reservation and many more.

Strong Whispers pay between $50 to $150 per article. You can receive your money through PayPal once your article is accepted.


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